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Title Edu. degree / name of study Desired position Preferred country of employment
Job application #1834 Doctor of Philosophy in Food Engineering in Suleyman Demirel University / TURKEY Title of Ph.D. Thesis: Effects of Encapsulated Phosphates on Microbiological and Physicochemical Properties of Cooked Ground Beef Postdoctoral Researcher United Kingdom
Job application #1833 MSc FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION Food technologist Lithuania
Job application #1831 Operations management in food production (Post graduate Diploma) Sept ‘16 – Apr ’17 Conestoga College Kitchener, Ontario, Canada • Team dynamics, Employee engagement and Performance Management. • Hands-on practical experience in comprehending how sub-assemblies of the most common types of equipment work. • Lean Six Sigma and Total Preventative Maintenance to support continuous improvement processes in food manufacturing operations. • Hands-on practical experience in managing operations, food equipment operations. • Application of a structured approach on how to reduce waste, minimize defects and eliminate non-value-added activities. Food safety and Quality Assurance (Post graduate Diploma) Jan ‘16 – Aug ’16 Conestoga College Kitchener, Ontario, Canada • Collect, prepare, test food and environmental samples using appropriate laboratory techniques. • Practical experience in food safety applications in an industrial processing environment. • Knowledge of the fundamentals of food policy development, Canadian and international food law. • Proper use of and safe handling of chemicals, along with overall safety in sanitation. • Food chemistry and microbiology; their applications in food safety and quality assurance. Master’s in microbiology (WES Accredited) June’12 - Aug’14 Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, India. • Understanding of fundamental biochemical principles, such as the structure/function of Biomolecules, metabolic pathways, and the regulation of biological/biochemical processes. • Basic laboratory techniques in both microbiology and biochemistry, and application of the scientific method to the processes of experimentation and hypothesis testing. • Effectively communicate scientific reasoning and data analysis in both written and oral forums. • Proper procedures and regulations for safe handling and use of chemicals and follow the proper procedures and regulations for safety when using chemicals. • Design, carry out, record, and analyze the results of microbiological experiments. Bachelor’s in biotechnology (WES Accredited) April 09’- Apr’12 Bharathiar University, India. • Efficient in various laboratory techniques and tools used in Biotechnology. • Understanding of basic concepts used in Molecular biology, Recombinant DNA technology, Plant and Animal Biotechnology. • Development of protocols and review for research papers. QA Technician/Supervisor, Food Scientist, Research Europe
Job application #1830 Bachelor in biotechnology, Master is food biotechnology, M.B.A (Running) from LLU, Latvia Assistance manager or anywhere in management section of food company Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands
Job application #1829 ssc. Chef / Cook India
Job application #1826 ERASMUS MUNDUS- BIFTEC European Masters in Food Science, Technology and Business Master's Internship for a period of 5-6 months starting from 1st February 2021 in Food production, development or quality portugal, germany
Job application #1823 Dr. Food science and technology Postdoc Norway
Job application #1822 Asma khan has done PhD in Food Science & Technology from the University of Kashmir in 2018. I can work in research & development, as an assistant professor in any university. Ireland
Job application #1820 PhD of Food Science and Technology Food researcher, R & D sector Postdoctoral, Food technology department All European countries, Canada, England