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Registration is now open for this 16 April webinar. Open only to members of competing teams. Come and see your choices!

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Open to the public and free of charge. Assistant Prof R Moscetti will discuss Process Analytical Technology as a tool for food drying. Register at FoodFactory4Us Complimentary Trainings!

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The Final Virtual Workshop of the international student competition game Food Factory -4-Us took place 7 June 2018 at 10 AM CEST. All teams presented their projects and the 2 winning teams were awarded. You can see more about the competition here:

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Check out the latest EuFooD-STA newsletter #7 here:

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The 6th EU FooD-STA Newsletter (October 2017) is now available! Please click here to download the newsletter!
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Check out our list of upcoming webinars on

If you've missed any of our past webinars, you can watch them on our EuFooD-STA YouTube Channel at

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The new EuFooD-STA Mobility Database is a contact base to inform and facilitate the exchange of students and staff between food industry and universities of internships and STSMs in Europe:

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The Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme of the United Nations’ 10-Year Framework on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP) has endorsed the Organic Food System Programme (OFSP) as one of its eight Core Initiatives. Organic food systems are posed as a model for sustainability and can serve as living laboratories for continued learning and improvement, integrating science and research with real-world examples. With our partner organizations and involved individuals on all continents OFSP helps share the benefits of organic practices with interested initiatives and across all of society.

As a prominent example and manifestation of Organic 3.0, it brings organic out of its current niche into the mainstream, and positions organic systems as part of the multiple solutions needed to solve the tremendous challenges faced by our planet and our species. OFSP’s contribution to the UN-10YFP is structured through its commitment to 8 concrete deliverables over the next 5 years, combining scientific study with practical implementation that spreads healthy consumption patterns and ecologically sound production systems around the planet.

OFS as model and living laboratory
David Gould, Program Facilitator at IFOAM – Organics International: “We need to change the thinking from food chain to food system. More people need to be aware of the connection between farming and eating, and together with more institutions play an active role in bringing healthy food to the table. They should be enabled to make informed choices and incentivize better practices.”

Jostein Hertwig, member of the steering committee and CEO of BERAS - International in Sweden: “The real potential of the Organic Food System Programme flows from the close interrelations and processes between scientists, actors in the food chain, NGOs and authorities, in working together for practical implementation at local levels. Starting with the dedicated networks of FQH - Food Quality and Health, IFOAM – Organics International, and BERAS, this in an invitation for others also to join.”

The Organic Food System Programme is comprised of a growing number of partner organizations and individuals seeking to transform communities toward true sustainability based on regenerative production practices, healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. By aligning with its like-minded initiatives of the 10YFP’s Sustainable Food Systems Programme, new opportunities for synergy and positive impact are on the rise. OFSP welcomes more collaboration. Specifics are detailed on our website:

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The 5th EU FooD-STA Newsletter (May 2017) is now available!
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