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The ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance project (554312-EPP-1-2014-1-AT-EPPKA2-KA) will establish an independent “EuFooD-STA Center”, a platform with local hubs in different regions, as an organisational frame for international and sustainable collaborations between industry and academia in the food sector.


At the moment, the following organisations are members of the EU FooD-STA Centre:

The 6th EU FooD-STA Newsletter (October 2017) is now available!... continue reading...

Check out our list of upcoming webinars on https://www.food-sta.eu/webinars-view

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The new EuFooD-STA Mobility Database is a contact base to inform and facilitate the exchange of students and staff between food industry and... continue reading...

Digital Library

Digital material for the food sector

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FoodFactory-4-Us - International students competition game

Open call for the FoodFactory-4-Us International students competition game!
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