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Educational degree and name of study: 
Operations management in food production (Post graduate Diploma) Sept ‘16 – Apr ’17 Conestoga College Kitchener, Ontario, Canada • Team dynamics, Employee engagement and Performance Management. • Hands-on practical experience in comprehending how sub-assemblies of the most common types of equipment work. • Lean Six Sigma and Total Preventative Maintenance to support continuous improvement processes in food manufacturing operations. • Hands-on practical experience in managing operations, food equipment operations. • Application of a structured approach on how to reduce waste, minimize defects and eliminate non-value-added activities. Food safety and Quality Assurance (Post graduate Diploma) Jan ‘16 – Aug ’16 Conestoga College Kitchener, Ontario, Canada • Collect, prepare, test food and environmental samples using appropriate laboratory techniques. • Practical experience in food safety applications in an industrial processing environment. • Knowledge of the fundamentals of food policy development, Canadian and international food law. • Proper use of and safe handling of chemicals, along with overall safety in sanitation. • Food chemistry and microbiology; their applications in food safety and quality assurance. Master’s in microbiology (WES Accredited) June’12 - Aug’14 Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, India. • Understanding of fundamental biochemical principles, such as the structure/function of Biomolecules, metabolic pathways, and the regulation of biological/biochemical processes. • Basic laboratory techniques in both microbiology and biochemistry, and application of the scientific method to the processes of experimentation and hypothesis testing. • Effectively communicate scientific reasoning and data analysis in both written and oral forums. • Proper procedures and regulations for safe handling and use of chemicals and follow the proper procedures and regulations for safety when using chemicals. • Design, carry out, record, and analyze the results of microbiological experiments. Bachelor’s in biotechnology (WES Accredited) April 09’- Apr’12 Bharathiar University, India. • Efficient in various laboratory techniques and tools used in Biotechnology. • Understanding of basic concepts used in Molecular biology, Recombinant DNA technology, Plant and Animal Biotechnology. • Development of protocols and review for research papers.
Previous experiences and role: 
Quality Assurance Technologist Since Jan’ 2019 Summerside Seafood Supreme • Establish with the company management team (CSD, QC Manager and General Manager) a comprehensive Quality Assurance monitoring program to ensure product quality and safety • Perform walkthrough of the plant floor ensuring compliance to all food safety and quality policies and procedure. • Work with USDA in maintaining compliance with federal regulations for labelling, sanitation, and operating procedures. • Monitoring, verifying, and maintaining HACCP records on daily basis • Assist in federal, state, customer, and third-party audits of plant for quality and safety • Provide support to manufacturing operations in the review of products and of engineering and manufacturing processes • Conduct routine monitoring and analysis of incoming raw material streams taking account of sourcing and procurement logistics, handling upon receipt, post-receipt holding and grading and preparation for processing. • Conduct routine monitoring and analysis of thermal processing performance of the expanded horizontal retort systems with recording, collation, and analysis of data in support of QC Manager needs. • Install and maintain tracking systems on raw materials, ingredients, machinery, processing operations, packaged product associated with new products being established at the company • Participate in new site-related product and process development activities and integration to company plant operations. • Assist in technical and R&D development projects within company operations including linked activities as required • Develop effective operating relationships between the company and bio-product development organizations which provide expertise, equipment assets and operational infrastructure to support deliverables for company operations. Quality Assurance Technician Oct’17 – Jan’ 2019 Atlantic Beef, Albany, PEI • Checks the incoming & outgoing product quality as per the standards. • Operate and maintain laboratory equipment and apparatus and prepare solutions of liquid, reagents, and sample formulations • Communicates as per SOP’s in case of any problem in incoming material. • Ensures that correct product name and expiry date is labeled on the finished product. • Monitors TQC, GMP and HACCP Programs and performs record keeping. • Inspects packaging, storage, and shipping facilities for conformance to company sanitation and safety standards: • May set up and perform sensory and bacteria tests at various stages of processing from raw materials to finished products, and compiles and evaluates record to determine and maintain quality and reliability of products: • Based on any discrepancy in the test results, applies quality control procedures like GMP or watch tightly on production process. • Recommends modifications of existing quality or production standards to achieve optimum quality within limits of production capacity. • Ensures General Maintenance Practices by checking whether employees follow proper sanitation procedures such as keeping work area clean, using clean gloves, wearing clean aprons, hardhats, and hair nets, steel-toe boots that can be cleaned and sanitized. • Ensures that meat product is kept at proper temperature during production and during storage to preserve quality. • Completes documentation provided by HACCP Program on daily basis. • Follows laboratory safety policies, company policies, procedures and standards for safety, (GMP’s and HACCP). Research Assistant Jan ’14 – Dec’14 Biocon Pharmaceuticals, India. • Standardization and Characterization of immunoglobulin using HPLC under Mammalian cell culture research and development department. • Perform experiments document and report test results • Coordinate work activities, organize and collaborate work • Maintain the quality of the stock culture. • Work on R&D projects, data collection and maintain a well organized laboratory environment. Project Intern May’10 – Dec ‘10 Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, India • Project work on “Isolation and Characterization of Dye Degrading Microorganisms” from water sample collected from the industrial area. • Develop Review, prepare protocols for research papers. • Interact with outside staff to share information and to coordinating laboratory events and meetings. • Maintain Quality assurance and quality control of microbial stock cultures and facilities. • Work on R&D projects, data collection and maintain a well organized laboratory environment
Language skills: 
English (Fluent in reading, writing and speaking) French (Beginner) Spanish (Beginner)
Desired position: 
Research Assistant, PhD, Scientist, Quality Control, Operations
Preferred country of employment: