During the Competition Course, at least one team member will be required to participate in 6 webinars as follows (even better if all team members can participate):

  1. Introduction to the Competition (lead moderator: ISEKI-Food Association) Tuesday 26 Feb 2019 at 2 PM CET
  2. Student Presentation Webinar (lead moderator: UNIBO). Tuesday 19 March at 2 PM CET
  3. ‘In the Field’ Webinar (lead moderator: UNIBO). Thursday 4 April at 2 PM CET.
  4. Student Suggestion Webinar (lead moderator: UNIBO). Tuesday 16 April at 2 PM CET
  5. Project review (moderated by ISEKI-Food Association and UNIBO). Week of 6 May.
  6. Soft Skills Webinar (lead moderator: ISEKI-Food Association). Thursday 23 May at 2 PM CET

Participation is also required at the IFA Virtual Workshop in Sustainable Aquaculture. Week of 11 June

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