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The Winning Team of the FoodFactory-4-Us Edition 2020 on Valorizing Food Biodiversity will receive:

  • An award of 300 Euro for the best project, sponsored by the ISEKI-Food Association.
  • A guaranteed oral presentation in the session on Biodiversity and free registration to the ISEKI-Food 2021 conference, 23-25 June 2021 (online) .
  • Each member of the winning team will receive the corresponding certificates as winners,

Members of the winning team will be invited to the NextFOOD Final Project Meeting, scheduled for spring 2022 (planned to be in Brussels), where they will give their winning presentation to project partners and other invited stakeholders and thus contribute to the overall value of the NextFOOD project. Economy airfare within Europe, 2 nights accommodation and project dinner will be paid.

And finally...

Each team member of the competition will receive a Certificate of Participation in the FoodFactory-4-Us Sustainable Supply Chain Competition.

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