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2 May 2017

The EuFooD-STA Webinar "Packaging technology and preservation of foods" took place 2 May 2017 at 3:00 PM CET.

Packaging systems for different food processing technologies:
- Packaging for frozen foods
- Packaging for dry and dried foods
- Packaging for in-pack thermal processed foods
- Packaging for aseptic processed foods
- Modified atmosphere packaging
- Packaging for microwave
- Packaging for non-thermal processed foods.

Foods are processed in one way or the other in order to increase marketability and shelf life. As a consequence they have different requirements in terms of packaging, regarding mechanical, barrier and functional properties, as well as regarding the ability to withstand the food treatment process, when in-pack technologies are used. The requirements of packaging for foods processed with different technologies are addressed and the materials and systems used are presented. Questions such as the following will be addressed: “what are the materials with highest barrier to moisture for dried foods?” Or “why have the metal cans, for food sterilisation, the body with beading?” Or “what are the requirements for packaging for high-pressure pasteurisation?”

The presenter:

This webinar will be held by Fatima Poças, Faculty of Biotechnology Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal. Prof. Poças is head of the Packaging Lab and senior research member of CBQF. Prof. Pocas has 25 years experience in contract research in areas related to food packaging, particularly shelf-life and safety aspects. Teaching packaging courses in the scope of BSc and MSc programmes since 1990 at Faculty of Biotechnology. Head of the Cinate laboratories for Food Chemical Microbiological and Packaging Analyses, at Faculty of Biotechnology, since 2013. Expertise in: selection and optimisation of packaging materials and systems, evaluation of materials and systems performance and characterization of barrier properties, migration and chemical hazards in packaging systems, exposure assessment of consumers to packaging hazards, troubleshooting in food-packaging systems. Member of CEF Panel in EFSA, represents Portugal in the EU food contact materials network of the Joint Research Centre.

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