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University of Reading
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Food sector: 
Bakery and pasta products
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Contact person: 
Paola Tosi
University of Reading
University of Reading PO Box 226 | Whiteknights | Reading
United Kingdom
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Job description: 

This is an 18 month full time role.

The successful candidate, working closely with Dr Paola Tosi, will conduct research investigating in situ starch-gluten interactions in the wheat grain, as part of a research project funded by Cargill.
Cutting edge microscopy, immunohistochemistry and biochemistry techniques will be employed and combined to produce a detailed reconstruction of the starch gluten interface in the wheat grain, which can then be used to model behaviour of these components during processing. The work involves facilities and laboratories in more than one building and location, with a primary focus on research undertaken at SAPD. The post holder will therefore be expected to liaise with a number of units within the University (particularly the Chemical Analysis Facility and the department of Food and Nutritional Science) and with the industrial sponsor (Cargill International).

The offer closes on the 15th of November.

Required Knowledge: 

PhD in a relevant area (biology, material science, food science etc) or equivalent length of research experience
Training in electron microscopy techniques (TEM and SEM), including specimen preparation.
Scientific curiosity
You will be comfortable working both independently and collaboratively.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
Thoroughness and accuracy
Good time management skills

Expiration date: 
Sunday, 15. November 2020
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