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Research institution
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Job description: 

Vidarium-Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing Research Center of Grupo Empresarial Nutresa, seeks a professional to occupy a position as a researcher, who will be responsible for the development of analytical methodologies in GC / MS / MS and / or UPLC / MS / MS. With knowledge and proven experience in metabolomics applications, biomarkers. The selected person will be based in the city of Medellín (Colombia)

Required Knowledge: 

Applicants should have doctorate and publications in scientific journals that demonstrate their expertise in the area. Candidates should have experience in the development of analytical methods and a solid knowledge of data management and multivariate statistics for the analysis of large and complex databases.

Additional information: 

We are a small team of interdisciplinary researchers based at Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city. In 2012, our city deserved the title “Innovative City of the Year”, beating New York and Tel Aviv for its transformations during the past 20 years. At 4,900 feet above the sea level, culturally diverse Medellin is surrounded by the Andean Mountains, offering attractions for outdoor recreation. The area receives year-round sunshine and warm weather that give it the nickname of “Eternal Spring City”.

Those interested in applying should send their CV to: kmunoz [AT] serviciosnutresa [dot] com

Expiration date: 
Wednesday, 1. May 2019