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Estonian University of Life Sciences
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Rajee Bhat
- Tartu
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Open Position Senior ResearchFellow inSustainable Food Productionatthe inter-unit entity “Valorisation Technologies of the Estonian University of Life Sciences”(VALORTECH), whichwas formed in collaboration of two EMÜ ́s institutes, Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences and Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Commencement date:01.06.2019 up to 30.06.2023

Duties and responsibilities

As a key member of the team, theselected candidate:

  • Senior research fellow is a recognised scholar in his or her field, who leads a research topic or a research project, or is responsible for the completion of substantial sections thereof;
  • is qualified to perform teaching, deliver lectures in his or her specialism,supervise students in all tiers of higher educationanddevelop courses;
  • the effectiveness of the work of senior research fellows is demonstrated by their ability to secure research funding (funding and research grants, contracts in the field of research and development, etc.);
  • actively develops relationships with other universities, research institutions and companies, and participates in consultation and development work;
  • promotes his or her field of research;
  • develops the knowledge and skills necessary for research work,participates in research conferences and seminars and does research-organisational work;
  • organize seminars, workshops and public lectures;the immediate organiser of the work of the senior research fellow is the head of the subunit.

Further particulars will be included in the job description.

Required Knowledge: 

Required qualifications:

A PhDdegree in Food Science, in Food Engineeringor in Food Technology, or equivalent. Has to fulfil the criteria of the level R3 (Established Researcher)of the European Framework for Researcher Careers profilesand Senior Research Fellowqualification requirementsat the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Required experience:

  • the candidate to the position of senior research fellow is a recognised specialist in his or her field with research experience;ohave expertise in food processing and sustainable food production;
  • experience in livestock feed and/or horticulture basedresearch is added advantage;oresearcher should be familiar with value addition to by-products and bio-wastes, assess the functionality of natural ingredients, sustainable utilization of the bio-resources;
  • experience in teaching at an institute of higher education, including experience in supervising graduate and postgraduate students is recommended;
  • internationally recognised research in his or her specialism or its related field in the volume equivalent to that of at least two PhD theses is a prerequisite for the participation in the competition;
  • in professional reviews the effectiveness of the work of a senior research fellow in the past five years is assessed, including his/her on-going research activities: internationally recognised research during the past five years in the volume equivalent to that of at least one and a half PhD theses;
  • conducts research independently which advances a research agenda, identifies appropriate research methodologies and approaches;
  • ability to collaborate effectively as part of a team and should hold good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • the successful candidate will commit him/herself with the inter-unit entity VALORTECH for the entire duration of the grant period.



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  • guaranteed salary 3,000 EUR per month, (this amount is subject to employee taxes and shall be supplemented by healthcare and social services required by law);
  • funds for supporting the training and mobility of the team members;
  • access to research facilitieslocating in Tartu and Viljandi county;
  • support for making arrangements and settling in Estonia
Expiration date: 
Monday, 1. April 2019
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