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Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
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Eirin Marie Skjøndal Bar
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There are four available PhD positions within Seafood Science and Technology at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science. All positions are related to the project Optimal utilisation of marine food resources (OPTiMAT). OPTiMAT is a comprehensive project dealing with marine food resources through the value chain from catching to consumer´s table. OPTiMAT consist of four thematic areas that are “Technology and product quality”, “Food safety and risk management”, “Utilisation of rest raw materials” and “Product efficiency”, and is a collaboration between Department of Biotechnology and Food Science and Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Each of these will be announced separately. Please see all announcements (NV-41/18, NV-42/18, NV-43/18, NV-44/18).

The PhD position will study the flow of nutrients such as proteins, fatty acids or similar, across a given geographical area on local and national level.  A systematic assessment of the flows and stocks of food/feed related substances or components within a system will be coupled with the development within bioprocessing and utilization of food loss in a bio-economic perspective. The candidate applying for this position is expected to have some background knowledge within systems engineering environmental analysis, mass flow analysis or similar. The appointment for this position has a duration of 3 years with the possibility of until a 1-year extension with 25% teaching duties in agreement with the department. For more information about this position, please contact Associate Professor Eirin Marie Skjøndal Bar, or call +47 404 94 199.

Detailed information on our PhD programs is found at:


Required Knowledge: 

For the position, the applicants should hold a Master of Science (MSc) degree or similar in one of the following areas or other related area: Food Science, Food Technology, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Industrial Ecology, Systems engineering, Mechanical engineering or Biotechnology. Candidates with experience from practical laboratory work relevant to the given project and/or have specific analytical skills which fit the projects will be preferred. We search for persons that are creative, innovative and can work independently. The applicants should have good communication skills and be fluent in English, both orally and written. The candidates will be a part of the Food Science research group at Department of Biotechnology and Food Science that working on a variety of topics related to Food Science and Food Safety. It is thus important that the applicants are willing to collaborate with other researchers, enabling them to be a part of the team.

The regulations for the PhD program at NTNU state that a Master degree or equivalent with at least 5 years of studies is required. Further requirements are an average grade of A or B for the two last years of the MSc program (within a scale of A-E for passing grades where A is best). Candidates from universities outside Norway are kindly requested to send a Diploma Supplement or a similar document, which describes in detail the study and grade system and the rights for further studies associated with the obtained degree:

The position requires spoken and written fluency in the English language. It will be considered an advantage to also master spoken and written Norwegian.

Applicants must agree to participate in organized doctoral study programs within the period of the appointment. A contract will be drawn up regarding the period of appointment and work related duties. The appointment of the PhD will be made according to Norwegian guidelines for universities and university colleges and to the general regulations regarding university employees.

The position as PhD is remunerated according to the Norwegian State salary scale. There is a 2% deduction for superannuation contribution. Tentative start-date of the appointments will be September 1st 2018.

Information about the Department can be found online at and the Food Science research group at

The application should contain: 
• CV, including list of publications with bibliographical references
• Testimonials and certificates (including transcript of grades from BSc and MSc)
• A brief description of the candidate’s research experience, interests and motivation for applying for the position
• Documentation of fluency in English if English or a Scandinavian language is not the applicant’s mother tongue
• Other documents which the applicant would like to present
If you are applying for more than this position, please list the positions in order of your preference.

Applications must be submitted electronically through

Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered.

The reference number of the positions is: NV-44/18
Application deadline:  27.4.2018

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Tuesday, 24. April 2018
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