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Massey University
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Ass. Prof. John Munday
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New Zealand
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Job description: 

Purpose statement

The purpose of the position is to contribute to problem-based learning programs in IVABs, contribute to the teaching of veterinary anatomy, physiology and pathology to BVSc students in IVABS, and to establish a research programme in veterinary pathology
Responsible to

The appointee will be accountable to the Institute Head through their Management Group Leader

Key accountabilities

The appointee will be accountable to the Institute Head through their Management Group Leader for all matters relating to the preparation, teaching and administration of general and veterinary pathology related subjects, research activities, university administration, and on day to day matters. Specific accountabilities include:

Contribute to the teaching of BVSc students within the problem-based learning (SPINE) papers.

Help to develop the content, presentation and scope of subjects that are taught within the SPINE papers.

Prepare and present lectures, laboratory sessions, seminars, tutorials and clinical instruction for undergraduate students within veterinary physiology, anatomy and pathology.

Contributing actively to the advanced academic functions of the Institute by engaging personally in research or scholarship in veterinary pathology. This shall include:
• devising research projects
• seeking funds and other resources to conduct research projects
• engaged in collaborative research ventures as appropriate
• encouraging and supervising postgraduate student research as appropriate
• presenting research findings at meetings
• preparing and publishing research findings in refereed journals
• conducting other research-related activities as appropriate

Acting to minimise threats to health and safety of staff and students

Ensuring that all her/his teaching, research and other activities which involve the use of animals of their tissues are conducted according to the law and conform with the requirements of the Massey University Code of Ethical Conduct for the use of Live Animals for Teaching and Research.

Contributing to meeting the administrative needs of the University, internally and externally, by participating in Institute, College and University functions as carried out by Boards, Committees, working parties, groups and offices as may be required or approved from time to time by the Institute Head.

Promoting University academic and professional interests by serving government community, professional, educational or other organisations in external capacities which utilise and promulgate specialist academic and technical knowledge, skills and other expertise, as approved from time to time by the Institute Head.

Other reasonable duties as specified by the Institute Head.

Required Knowledge: 


The successful applicant would require a BVSc or equivalent degree that is registerable in NZ, and have a PhD in a relevant area

Proven excellence in teaching is highly desirable, especially in courses that have been taught in the problem-based learning format.
A sound knowledge of veterinary anatomy, physiology and pathology is required
Experience with molecular biology techniques is highly desirable
The applicant should have a proven ability to publish research results

Personal attributes and behaviours

Good communication skills and the ability to work in a team is essential

Expiration date: 
Sunday, 26. November 2017
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