Two students from Hohenheim (Felix Walz & Georg Lenz) developed a cake to grill. The cake has the shape of a sausage each comes with a sauce for dipping. The BBQuchen is available in the flavours poppy with mango, hazelnut with carrot, cashew with rhubarb and zucchini with coconut.
The students got the idea for their BBQuchen because they noticed that no dessert for grilling is on available on the market. The project started as a Humboldt Reloaded project at the University. In 2013, the students participated in the TROPHELIA Germany competition and won the 1st place.
The product is not available on the market so far.

A book about desserts for grilling is available on the market: BBQ-Kuchen: Süße Leckereien vom Grill

Name of University: 
University of Hohenheim