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Wageningen University
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Dr. Jean-Paul Vincken
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Job description: 

In a challenging career trajectory you are, as Assistant Professor in the field of lipids, responsible for setting up a new research team on lipids comprising PhD students, technicians and post-docs. Lipids will be studied at the molecular level. With your research you will build a leading international position in which you will contribute to: (i) Development of advanced analytical methods (chromatography, mass spectrometry, and ESR/NMR spectroscopy) to reveal structural characteristics in relation to reactivity and functionality; (ii) A better mechanistic understanding of lipid oxidation in heterogeneous food systems such as food emulsions; (iii) Controlled modification of lipids to enhance functional properties. Your activities include acquisition of grants to sustain your vision, implementing research projects, and coordination of all activities related to this field. As part of this position, you will inspire students by teaching, developing new course materials, and guiding thesis projects, together with your colleagues in the Laboratory of Food Chemistry. Training and coaching is provided for the Assistant Professor to accomplish all this.

Required Knowledge: 

As Assistant Professor you are an ambitious and enthusiastic team player, devoted to research and education in the field of lipids. Candidates should have a PhD degree in Food Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, or a comparable discipline. You are adept at working in a multicultural organisation. Proficiency in English is a requirement. Good writing skills, good oral communication skills, the willingness to explore new fields in collaboration with others, are all essential competences. International experience is appreciated.

You should also have:
 Knowledge about the molecular analysis, reactivity and functionality of lipids;
 Publication record relevant to the field;
 Some experience in project management and acquisition of research funding;
 Good didactic skills and enthusiasm for teaching and working with students;
 The ambition to develop to full professor in a Tenure Track system.

Expiration date: 
Tuesday, 1. August 2017
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