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25 Apr 2017

The EuFooD-STA Webinar "Food Sector in USA - Main Opportunities and Trends" took place 25 April 2017.

To support agri-food companies interested in entering the US market, EuFooD-STA will hold a webinar titled “Food Sector in USA - Main Opportunities and Trends” on the 25th April 2017. The webinar will provide to agri-food companies a detailed overview of the USA market on the fish, grain, fruits and vegetables sub-sectors. This overview will include the key trade trends, main market opportunities as well as the current market trends for each of the food sub-sectors.

Mr. Spinoglio is an experienced project manager, with special interests in the areas of product sales, technology and product development, product manufacturing and product launch strategies. Based in California, USA, he has more than 15 years experience assisting European companies enter new markets, and develop partnerships and/or acquisitions internationally. Mr. Spinoglio has represented several European companies in the North America market in a sales and technical support capacity. He has also managed supplier relationships on behalf of foreign based companies. Mr. Spinoglio currently represents several companies that include a Portuguese based technology company in the North America market and manages their largest client that is headquartered in the U.S. Additionally, Mr. Spinoglio has represented consumer product manufacturers in the market developing collaborative efforts with national and regional distributors. He has also established strategies for European, American and Chinese companies interested in initiating or strengthening international activities. Mr. Spinoglio holds a Master of Science from the College of Engineering, University of California – Davis as well as a Bachelor of Science from the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, USA.

Dr. Filipa Pinho is a consultant participating in several international projects in areas related to R&D, internationalization and commercial strategy development. She has conducted extensive market analysis work on the USA as well as other countries (e.g. China and Mexico).
Dr. Pinho worked as a Senior Analyst at the Global Pricing and Market Access consultancy division of ICON plc. During that time, Dr. Pinho worked in a diverse set of projects including competitive strategy, global pricing, market access, asset valuation, negotiation strategy and value message testing.
Prior to her work at ICON plc., Dr. Pinho completed a PhD in Cancer Molecular Biology from Imperial College London. During her PhD, Dr. Pinho published 7 peer-reviewed articles and 1 book chapter, including a 1st author-article in Cancer Research journal, the most highly cited cancer peer-reviewed journal in the world.