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Teagasc Food Research Centre
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Dublin 15
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Temporary Externally Funded Non Grant-in-Aid contract post, the indicative duration of which is 10months, subject to contract.A panel may be formed from which future similar vacancies may be filled; such a panel will remain active for a maximum period of12 months.

The successful candidate will be engaged in a strategic research study as part of the ‘Recovery of Value’ research programme within the Teagasc Research Directorate and aligned with the needs of national stakeholders. Through exploration of market opportunities and direct engagement with meat companies, regulatory bodies, product suppliers etc., the candidate will help to bring existing research to commercialisation. The candidate will conduct literature searches, executive interviews, prepare reports and organise and attend relevant conferences and workshops. Given the export focus of the Irish beef industry, he/she will have an opportunity to develop relationships with international as well as national bodies, and contribute to successful technology transfer to the meat sector.

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Wednesday, 15. March 2017
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