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Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
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The Nestlé Research Center (NRC) located near Lausanne, Switzerland is one of the leading research laboratories in food and nutritional sciences. With over 500 colleagues from over 40 nationalities, NRC has a strong position in the international scientific community supported further by more than 200 external scientific partnerships, multiple University collaborations and more than 100 scientific publications each year. Nestlé Research Center conducts up to 60 clinical trials in the areas of healthy nutrition, medical nutrition, metabolic disease, gastro-intestinal health amongst others. This work is done either at our state of the art Clinical Development Unit in Lausanne or with CROs. (learn more about the NRC at

Combining innovative drive and strong scientific integrity in Nutrition, Health, Food Science, Consumer Interaction and Food Safety, NRC opens the way to develop Good Food for Good Life. As project manager you will design and execute initiatives to develop innovative competitive products or concepts which meet consumer needs and support the Nestlé Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy.

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Thursday, 13. April 2017