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• OSRAM internal Horticulture specialist and providing the know-how to the business team
• Participation in projects and experiments in the field of Horticulture
• Responsibility for the Horticulture-relevant aspects in the execution of the projects
• Central contact person for research partners and customers, as well as the provision of biological and gardening advice including the answer to all customer requests which arrive by telephone, email or the social channels on this topic
• Planning, implementation and follow-up of experiments and experiments with a focus on lighting effects on plants in collaboration with research and business partners
• Identification, analysis and assessment of current developments in the field of plant sciences
• Awareness of the development of the Horticulture industry with a particular focus on indoor farming (eg vertical farming, greenhouse, etc.)
• Implementation of technical tasks related to Horticulture science (data compilation, analysis of results, information processing and dissemination) and independent research
• On-site customer visits, conference participations and presentations
Support for the creation of sales and marketing materials
Independent writing of specialist publications, advice sheets and reports as well as the maintenance of technical, commercial and administrative documents

Required Knowledge: 

• Successfully completed university studies in the fields of horticulture, agriculture, soil and earth sciences, agronomics or crop cultivation
• Deep knowledge of plants and flowers and knowledge about the importance of light in this context
• Great interest in working with plants; But more in the office and in customer projects
• Interested in Vertical Farming, Smart Gardening and Greenhouses
• Understanding LED lighting solutions and their characteristics
• High degree of problem-solving and analysis
• High project management and organizational skills
• Sound knowledge of the MS standard programs
• Initiative, independent and creative

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