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18 Mar 2019

Please register for FF4Us 2019. Making Cheesecake the PM Way - A Basic Introduction to Project Management on Mar 18, 2019 1:00 PM CET at:

Ever wondered how to make cheesecake by applying Project Mangamement Methods? And of course flour and salt and water and sugar… Project Management skills have become more and more important as all of us are facing project undertakings in our professional lives ranging from smaller, limited projects to big international collaborative projects. Even when not directly managing the whole project personally, understanding the very basics of project management and the related processes and terminology is essential to be able to contribute efficiently. This webinar takes the example of the simple process of making cheesecake and breaks down the single steps according to standard project management methodology. From the initial steps of having an idea and defining the objective, through the planning of ressources, workpackages and related process and timing, to the implementation, the control and the review, the basic terminology and basic project management processes are explained. This covers: Fomulation of aims and objective, Ressouce planning, Structuring according to workpackages, Timeplanning, Process planning, Project implementation, Project controlling, Project Quality Assurance, Project Revision. At the end, the participants will be familiar with the basic terminology of project management. Disclaimer: There won’t be cheesecake at the end.

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