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University of Helsinki
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Job description: 

The duties of the university lecturer are research and teaching of packaging technology concerning the area of food science. University lecturer gives lectures and laboratory guidance, supervises theses, and develops the teaching in the field of the position together with the other academic staff. To successfully attend to the duties of the position, the appointee should have experience and to be active in at least one of the department’s key research areas (

Required Knowledge: 

According to the Regulations of the University of Helsinki, holders of university lecturerships are required to possess an appropriate doctoral degree, to have the ability to provide high quality research-based teaching, and to supervise theses and dissertations. When considering the qualifications of the applicants, attention will be paid to scientific publications in the field in question and other research results of scientific value. In addition, teaching and supervising experience, pedagogical training, the ability to produce learning materials and other teaching merits will be evaluated. If necessary, a teaching demonstration will be considered.
According to the Universities Decree, university lecturers must be fluent in the Finnish language. They must also have at least satisfactory spoken and written skills in Swedish. Foreign citizens, non-native Finnish citizens or citizens who have not been educated in Finnish or Swedish language may be exempted from this requirement without a separate application. However, the appointee to this position is required to reach level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages within 4 years from the appointment ( Support for language studies is offered. To successfully attend to the duties of the position, appointees must also have good English skills.

Expiration date: 
Sunday, 4. March 2018
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