Institution Name: 
University of Reading
Type of institution: 
Job category: 
Contact person: 
Julia Rodríguez García
University of Reading, Food and Nutritional Sciences
United Kingdom
Job description: 

The role of this post is as a Food Scientist researcher within the Food Research group which is part of the Food and Nutritional Sciences department and research division. The post is funded specifically as a fixed term contract as the PDRA on an EIT Food funded project addressing sugar reduction in biscuits.

Main duties and responsibilities
- To be able to use and interpret data resulting from microscopy (Light microscopy (LM), confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
- To be able to design, carry out and interpret rheological measurements of dough and textural analysis of biscuits (e.g. fracture strength and penetration resistance tests)
- To be able to design and run sensory profiling panels and consumer acceptance panels, and statistically analyse resulting data
- To be able to write progress reports and present work to industrial partners
- To be able to write manuscripts for research papers
- To be able to meet deadlines within a project plan.

Required Knowledge: 

1. Skills Required:

To have at least 2 out of the 4 following skills: Microscopy (Light microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy, scanning electron microscopy)
Rheology and Texture Measurement
Ability to run Sensory Profiling and Consumer studies
Bakery and cereal science

To have the other 2 out of the 4 skills listed under essential.

2. Attainment:
PhD in relevant area (Food Science)

3. Knowledge:

Knowledge of at least 2 of the 5 areas: Microscopy, Rheology, Flavour Analysis and Sensory Science, Bakery science.

Knowledge of the other 3 out of 5 areas listed under essential.
Knowledge of biscuit ingredients, processing and structure

4. Relevant Experience:

To be have sufficient experience to operate two of the following independently: Microscopy, Rheology, Flavour Analysis or Sensory Profiling panels.

Experience in food formulation, especially of biscuits.

5. Disposition:

Good communication skills in English (essential to run sensory and consumer panels)
Good project management and time management skills.

Good writing skills, for example previous experience in writing reports for industry and research papers.

Additional information: 

Supervision received
The post will report directly to Dr Julia Rodriguez Garcia. The post holder should be able to work as an independent researcher, but will receive supervision from Dr Rodriguez and specific guidance on microscopy and texture measurement. Additionally they will be supported by Dr Lisa Methven in Sensory Science.

Supervision given
This post does not have a supervisory role.

This post will be within the Food and Nutritional Sciences department, additionally utilising equipment and expertise within the Chemical Analytical facility (CAF), Electron Microscopy laboratory (for SEM) and School of Biological Science (for CLSM). There will be frequent contact with the external collaborators through emails, telecoms and face to face meetings in the different locations of the partners.

Terms and conditions
This is a full time post (1 FTE) and we envisage that this will be carried out within 5 full days per week. Exact hours worked each day and week can be at the discretion of the role holder and their line manager.

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