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EuFooD-STA partner
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A member company of FooD-STA ( would like to identify partners who have experience in the following technological areas and are willing to receive staff members for an internship (5 days for example).

Enzymes: no GMO, for application especially in fruit and cereals to promote color, sweetness, texture and flavor

New Process Technologies: High Pressure, Pulsed Electric Fields, Plasma, Pulsed light

- Rapid methods for detection and quantification of microorganisms
- Flow cytometry, Simplate and bactiflow

In turn, and if interesting, the company is also willing to accept an internship at its premises to focus on areas the partner has most interest in.

If you interested or know partners who might be interested in this kind of collaboration, we would appreciate, if you could put us in contact to establish a cooperation.

Expiration date: 
Sunday, 31. December 2017